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Contribute by Saying #DrupalThanks at DrupalCon Baltimore

Our team realized that the most needed contribution to Drupal is also the most simple: thanking someone who has helped you. So we're handing out 1000 flowers at DrupalCon Baltimore.

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Migrate Translations from CSV, JSON or XML to Drupal 8

A tutorial on migrating translated content from CSV, JSON, XML and other non-drupal sources to Drupal 8. This example uses the "migrate" module and data stored in CSV files.

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Migrate Translated Content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8

A tutorial on migrating translated content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 using the "migrate" module.

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Why is the Drupal Bootstrap Theme So Successful

As a Drupal themer, it's rare that I choose something other than the Bootstrap base theme for a new project. Besides its quality and popularity, there are some specific technical reasons why Bootstrap is such an attractive option.

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Creating an Interactive Prototype with InVision

For a web designer, having a good mock-up software is crucial. In the initial phase of design, a mockup software should allow you to plan wireframes and focus more on the utility than on the visual concept. To do that, I use Invision.

As for designing the visual elements within my mockups, I use an alternative to the Adobe products which is super intuitive, Affinity Designer. It’s great either for creating vector illustrations, wireframes, mobile apps or more complicated user interface projects.

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Drupal Theming and Site Building: 6 Best Practices

There are many ways of building sites and themes - be it Drupal, Wordpress, Magento or any Content Management System. In my particular case, after nine years of building Drupal themes, reading how other themers do it, and learning from my mistakes, I came up with a few tips I would like to share with everyone.

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Installing Drupal Console on Windows

The Drupal Console has become a great command-line tool for managing Drupal 8 sites. In our Drupal 8 Module Development Trainings, we use it to automatically generate boilerplate code, so our trainees can get a quick start! Even though Drupal Console has been out for just one year, it already has over four hundred thousand downloads.

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Drupal 8 Configuration Management for Multi-site

Often, you develop a website to be installed and used once, by one organization. But sometimes, for larger organizations, you need to develop a series of websites that are very similar. This case is very common in big institutions with independent departments or branches, such as:

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