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Planning Your Drupal 8 Theme: Choosing a Base Theme

Whenever we start a new Drupal project, we have to choose what kind of theme we're going to create. Are we going to use a framework like Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation? If so, do we start with a contrib base theme or do we implement the framework ourselves? Are we going to use a classic Drupal base theme like Zen or AdaptiveTheme? Or are we going to build the theme 'from scratch' starting with Drupal core or a core base theme? 

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Using Configuration Management and Git in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Configuration Managment (CM) is a "killer feature" for a web Content Management System (CMS). When setting up a Drupal site, we spend a lot of time on site configuration: Roles, Permissions, Content Types, Menus, Vocabularies, etc. In most CMS's, all these changes are stored in their databases, making it hard to deploy, track, reuse and rollback important changes.

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Burrito Maker: How to Create Custom Fields in Drupal 8

A detailed tutorial on creating custom fields in Drupal 8 using the field API.

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How to Integrate Material Design with Drupal

If you are a web designer, chances are you have heard about Material Design.

Material Design is a popular "design language" developed by Google that came out in June 2014. Since then, it has kind of become the visual identity of most of Google's mobile applications for Android. Many mobile app developers are using it and the approval rate among web designers is also rising, mostly because of its simplicity and the influence of mobile apps on responsive design.

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Changing Docker hostnames—with namespaces!

At Evolving Web we love using Docker! So when I needed to do work on several different sites, I just spun up a few Docker containers, and now I've got this:

Bad docker hostnames

Three shells in three different containers, and it's super hard to tell which is which.The hostnames are just random hex strings—so confusing!

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Improve Drupal Usability with Context Active Trail

Drupal has a powerful menu system, but most of the content on a typical Drupal website doesn't end up in the menu navigation. Articles, blog posts, events, you name it. Most content is linked to from views, not directly from a menu. So how do we make it easy for users to know where they are in the hierarchy of the site if they are looking at content that isn't in a menu?

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Drupal Global Training Day in Montreal on September 9th

Evolving Web participated in Drupal Global Training Days September by organizing a free half-day Drupal training at PMI-Montreal's training room in downtown Montreal. We had a wide variety of attendees who were curious about Drupal: designers, small business owners, videographers, seasoned IT professionals, career switchers, college and university students.

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Drupal 8 Training in Ottawa this September

Are you thinking of using Drupal for your next web development project? Evolving Web is excited to be offering a full week of Drupal 8 training at the Code Factory in downtown Ottawa the week of September 12th.

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