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Upgrading to Entity Translation in Drupal 7

If you have a Drupal 7 multilingual website, you've probably heard about the Entity Translation module, a module that allows you to translate fields in Drupal, instead of translating nodes. This means that instead of creating a node, taxonomy term, and user for each language on your site, you can create a single entity and translate the fields on it. The Entity Translation module includes a submodule that helps you upgrade to this new translation method.

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Making Drupal Websites "Retina Ready"

If you've used a device with a Retina display to browse the web or develop a website, you might have noticed that some of the images look a little fuzzy. Retina devices require images that have twice the number of pixels to appear normally on the screen. This is a bit of a pain for front-end developers. It means that if you want to display a 100x100 image on a website, you also need a 200x200 version of that image retina devices, and then you need to scale it down to size when it's displayed.

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Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit Webinar on December 3rd

On December 3rd, we're hosting a free webinar about the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit distribution. Distributions of Drupal are versions of Drupal that come with a bunch of extra configuration and modules already in place. In the case of the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit, this is a version of Drupal that is bilingual by default, it comes with a responsive theme that implements the Government of Canada look and feel, and it has lots of extra tools for content authoring and publishing workflow.

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Evolving Web at DrupalCamp Montreal 2013

The sixth annual DrupalCamp Montreal was held at the UQAM Coeur de Sciences on October 26th. We had a new format this year, with a lively panel discussion on Friday evening about the future of the web, including panelists from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, W3C, and other organizations. This was followed by a full day of sessions on Saturday on a wide variety of Drupal topics.

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Writing Documentation with Restructured Text and Sphinx

Documentation is great, and clear, consistent, easy-to-read documentation is even better. Sphinx is a tool that helps you create structured documentation that looks great. Using Sphinx, you can write your documentation using the restructured text markup language. Sphinx then uses the Python docutils library to parse the restructured text files into other formats (HTML, PDFs, etc).

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HTML & CSS Workshops in Montreal

Over the last couple years, I've been ramping our training program at Evolving Web. We've built out a whole curriculum of courses for people who want to build websites. Most of our courses focus on Drupal, the open source content management system, but we also have more general web design and development courses.

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Installing the WxT-Drupal Distribution for Government

The Web Experience Toolkit distribution of Drupal (aka WxT-Drupal, wetkit, or wet-boew) is a version of Drupal designed for organizations with a bilingual and accessibility requirements. Specifically, it's designed for Canadian government and public organizations. It has built with support for English and French, and includes a theme that provides accessibility and responsive support.

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Mastering Nginx by Dimitri Aivaliotis - Book review

I can confidently say that this book will teach you a lot about nginx, both as tutorial and reference. It's now mandatory reading for anyone on our team who will ever touch an nginx config file.

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