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Evolving Web at DrupalCamp Montreal 2012

DrupalCamp Montreal 2012 was a great success! There was a great turnout, an awesome presentation by our keynote speaker Amitai Burstein, plus 24 other sessions by Drupalistas form Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City. The camp ended with a party at Thomson House with live music, food, and drink.

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Montreal DrupalCamp + Codesprint: October 12-13

This Saturday is DrupalCamp Montreal 2012! It's not too late to signup through the DrupalCamp website for $20, or at the door for $25. This will be Montreal's fifth camp, and it promises to be an awesome day full of interesting sessions, good networking opportunities, and a fantastic party to wrap up the day. The camp will be held at McGill University at the Schulich School of Music (555 Sherbrooke St. West).

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Import hundreds of thousands of records in 15 seconds with custom entities

Recently we needed to import a fairly large dataset into Drupal. There were 200,000 items to import, the data changed relatively frequently, and we needed them to be Drupal entities so that we could make them searchable with Apache Solr. We would normally import data using Feeds or Migrate. This time, however, we had higher speed requirements, so we tried something different: importing directly into the database.

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Multilingual Drupal at DrupalCon Munich: Training, Code Sprints, and More!

There will be a hive of activity around multilingual Drupal at DrupalCon Munich 2012! Whether you're new to multilingual Drupal or a developer wanting to change how Drupal works with language, there are lots of opportunities to get involved.

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Managing Translation Workflows in Drupal 7: Webinar and DrupalCon Training

Managing translation workflows is an important and challenging aspect of multilingual site building. Translation can be time-consuming and expensive, and there are some exciting new Drupal modules and lots of best practises to help you streamline how you translate content and user interface strings in Drupal 7. This week, I recorded an Acquia webinar on multilingual workflows, and I'll be covering the topic in more detail at a training at DrupalCon Munich.

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DrupalCon Munich Training: Building Multilingual Websites in D7

In an increasingly global world, Drupal core's support for multilingual content has made it a favourite CMS among large organizations. Despite that, Drupal site-builders and develpoers are often stumped by the myriad of possible approaches and tricks involved in making it work. Over the last few months, Evolving Web has worked together with Acquia to put together a multilingual site building course to walk you through the process step by step and unfuddle much of the complexity.

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How to Start a Tech Company: Presentation at McGill School of Computer Science

Yesterday, Alex and I presented at McGill University's School of Computer Science about starting a tech company in Montreal. We talked about how we went about starting our business when we graduated from McGill back in 2007. We had a great turnout with lots of eager comp sci students eager to learn about how to get into tech entrepreneurship.

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Announcing Drupal Sun: Drupal Planet, Reloaded

You're probably reading this blog post right now from Drupal Planet. We all know that Drupal Planet is an amazing resource: we use it to keep up with the latest developments in Drupal, find tutorials, and stay connected with the community. However, the limitations of Drupal Planet can be frustrating. During my first month working at Evolving Web, I helped develop an alternative user interface for finding Drupal Planet content called Drupal Sun, which we're launching today.

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