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Join us for Hands-on Training at DrupalCon Austin

DrupalCon Austin promises to be a great event! The North American DrupalCon is always the biggest Drupal event of the year, which means a lot of content to absorb, people to meet, and ideas to share.

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DrupalCamp NYC at the United Nations - Recap and Photos

This year's DrupalCamp NYC was held at the United Nations. The camp was crammed with summits and useful sessions and included a lot of content about Drupal 8.

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Exposing Your Clipboard Over SSH

I frequently administer remote servers over SSH, and need to copy data to my clipboard. If the text I want to copy all fits on one screen, then I simply select it with my mouse and press CMD-C, which asks relies on my terminal emulator (xterm2) to throw it to the clipboard.

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Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit Webinar Recording

On December 3rd, we hosted a webinar about the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit distribution, a version of Drupal that is used by many Government of Canada departments and organizations that require a bilingual, accessible website powered by a content management system. The webinar includes an overview of the features and components that make up the distribution. It also covers how to go about customizing the distribution.

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Upgrading to Entity Translation in Drupal 7

If you have a Drupal 7 multilingual website, you've probably heard about the Entity Translation module, a module that allows you to translate fields in Drupal, instead of translating nodes. This means that instead of creating a node, taxonomy term, and user for each language on your site, you can create a single entity and translate the fields on it. The Entity Translation module includes a submodule that helps you upgrade to this new translation method.

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Making Drupal Websites "Retina Ready"

If you've used a device with a Retina display to browse the web or develop a website, you might have noticed that some of the images look a little fuzzy. Retina devices require images that have twice the number of pixels to appear normally on the screen. This is a bit of a pain for front-end developers. It means that if you want to display a 100x100 image on a website, you also need a 200x200 version of that image retina devices, and then you need to scale it down to size when it's displayed.

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Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit Webinar on December 3rd

On December 3rd, we're hosting a free webinar about the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit distribution. Distributions of Drupal are versions of Drupal that come with a bunch of extra configuration and modules already in place. In the case of the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit, this is a version of Drupal that is bilingual by default, it comes with a responsive theme that implements the Government of Canada look and feel, and it has lots of extra tools for content authoring and publishing workflow.

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Evolving Web at DrupalCamp Montreal 2013

The sixth annual DrupalCamp Montreal was held at the UQAM Coeur de Sciences on October 26th. We had a new format this year, with a lively panel discussion on Friday evening about the future of the web, including panelists from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, W3C, and other organizations. This was followed by a full day of sessions on Saturday on a wide variety of Drupal topics.

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