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Drupal 8 Theming Foundations: Using Stable vs. Classy as a Base Theme

For themers, there are lots of exciting new features in Drupal 8: the Twig tempting system, libraries for loading assets, and the replacement of theme functions with templates. There are also a new set of core themes that come with Drupal 8.

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Evolving Web at DrupalCon Asia 2016

We had a blast going to Mumbai for DrupalCon Asia. On day 1 of the conference, we presented our new Drupal 8 Theming training for a group of 50 first-time DrupalCon attendees.

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New Tools for Drupal 8 Theming: Defining and Using Libraries

Drupal 8 theming has lots of new features, one of the most exciting is the addition of libraries. You can use libraries to add stylesheets and javascript to your theme, globally or in particular situations.

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Lessons from My First Two Months as a Project Manager at Evolving Web

Recently I left my position at a major French e-commerce to move to Montreal and join Evolving Web’s team as a project manager, and it’s been a great experience so far! For anyone considering a similar career path, I’d like to share a few things I learned during the first 2 months.

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We're Hiring Drupal Developers

It's a new year! We have some new fishes in the fish tank, fresh white boards on the walls and are looking for a couple Drupal developers to join the Evolving Web team.

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How SASS and Bourbon Neat Can Save Non-Mobile Websites

It's 2016, we are already in the "Mobile Era" and we all love how our modern sites fit and adapt to any screen. It's amazing how a website can stretch to the 52 inches of a Samsung TV and also look good on your mobile phone. But you know what? There are 20 years of "non-mobile" websites out there screaming to be upgraded. And the first word that comes to mind is "redesign".

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Node smuggling, aka poor mans node_export

I needed to create a new webform on a production site recently. But as a dev, I don't have direct access to the production admin backend; I'm only allowed to push code changes and let the client's team migrate them to prod via drush updb. So I'm supposed to export the webform configuration to code, and deploy it via an update hook, but how?

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Parallelized web scraping using RollingCurl

The web is full of information! Your web sites probably already use many APIs for maps, Twitter, IP geolocation, and more. But what about data that's on the web, but doesn't have a readily available API?

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