Web Fundamentals Training

The basics of web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

Course Description

This course covers the building blocks of web development. You'll learn how to build web pages with HTML and CSS, then how to make your pages more dynamic with PHP and JavaScript.

If you've never done any programming or web development before, this course will introduce you to the fundamentals of web architecture and how to create a web page from the ground up.

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to build websites with Drupal and has no experience with web development. The goal of the course is to make you feel comfortable working with web development and how to problem solve and search for solutions when working on a web project.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • How HTML and browsers interact

  • How to write semantic HTML to structure web pages

  • CSS syntax and how to style HTML elements and create simple layouts

  • Basic programming concepts, like variables, expressions, functions

  • How to use PHP to make a web page dynamic, and how to run a PHP script

  • Javascript syntax, how to add javascript to a page, and how to use jQuery

  • The role of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in building web pages



  • Creating a web page with HTML
  • Creating semantic HTML
  • Overview of HTML tags
  • Inline vs. block HTML tags
  • How to format text
  • Adding links and images
  • Accessibility basics
  • Using a browser inspector


  • Basic CSS syntax and concepts
  • Styling inline, block, and text components
  • Techniques for creating layouts with CSS
  • How to identify and fix common CSS problems
  • Using CSS to enhance your design
  • Creating responsive layouts with CSS
  • CSS grid and flexbox


  • Creating a basic web page with PHP
  • Running a PHP script
  • Using variables
  • Working with different data types
  • Operators and if statements
  • Using and creating functions
  • Introduction to object-oriented PHP


  • Adding simple JavaScript code inline
  • Including external JavaScript file
  • Selecting HTML and adding an event listener
  • Using variables and functions
  • Working with conditionals and objects
  • Adding jQuery
  • Creating a toggle menu with JavaScript
  • Using additional JavaScript libraries

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course?

This course is ideal for anyone brand-new to web development. It's a preparatory class for the Drupal Theming and Drupal Module Development Courses.


What do I need to bring? You need to bring a laptop and charger to the course. Or contact us to rent a laptop.

Can I pay with a cheque? In most cases, we do accept payment by cheque. Contact us and we can issue you an invoice for the training.

What size is the class? Our classes usually have 6-10 participants, and we have a hard limit of 12 participants per trainer. 

Do you offer discounts for charities or individuals? Yes, contact us to receive a discount on the course.

Do you offer custom training? Yes, we can provide on-site, custom training for your team. Just get in touch with us and we can set up a training that fits your needs.

Do you offer refunds? Tickets are non-refundable, however it's free and easy to transfer your ticket to another person. Contact us to let us know if you'd like to transfer your registration.

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