Trent University Install Profile

Trent University

University Multisite Platform

We created an install profile to streamline how Trent creates websites with Drupal.

Trent University screenshots

Evolving Web developed a customizable install profile for building out Trent websites on Drupal 7. Each website starts off with a base set of configuration, and site administrators can select styling options and populate the site with content. The sites all share the same theme, and configuration options allows users to update theme settings as needed. Select sites, such as prospective students and the homepage have sub-themes to further distinguish them.

We also developed a future students portal that allows prospective students to discover Trent University, search for academic programs, and learn about the admissions process. This included a sub-theme, customizing the configuration of the site, and creating a content migration to pull the programs data into Drupal.


    Trent university started using Drupal a couple years ago for their new web properties. They had hired a few external firms to manage their initial projects, but they wanted to bring more Drupal knowledge and expertise in house. The goal of the project was both to give Trent a solid starting point for creating their multisite infrastructure, but also the knowledge to grow and evolve the platform internally.


    • A customizable install profile for building out Trent websites
    • A base theme to use for all Trent web properties
    • Training for Trent staff to help them update the install profile to integrate additional features

    Why Drupal?

    Trent has hundreds of websites and would like to make all their web properties more similar in look and feel. Drupal's theme system and flexible content management features allow for both consistency and flexibility across many websites.