Suzanne is a self-taught developer who still recalls how it feels to be new to the technical field. “I remember thinking that it was challenging but fun—and more creative than I expected,” she says. Suzanne enjoys opening people’s minds to what they could do with Drupal and helping them quickly reach a skill level that allows them to achieve something concrete, whether their background is in web, marketing or elsewhere. She has given Drupal training to a wide range of clients including Georgia Tech, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Suzanne is an elected member of the Drupal Association Board and frequently makes presentations at professional events about front-end development and user experience. When travelling for work, she likes to go for long runs and explore new neighbourhoods.

Key skills include:

  • Front-end development
  • Drupal training
  • User-experience design 
  • Business development
  • Community growth and organizing