Landing Page Architecture and Theming for Drupal 8

Learn techniques for landing page design, configuration, and theming

You must have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and basic site building skills (know how to create content types, blocks, and views)

Course Description

Learn how to configure and theme landing pages for Drupal 8. This training will cover various techniques for landing page design, configuration, and theming. You'll learn what questions to ask before you start building a landing page and how to decide what approach to take.

We'll build out several landing pages throughout the course and create a theme that provides a layout for each one. We'll also talk about ensuring that your landing pages enable accessible and effective content.

The course will cover how to use a variety of modules that are useful for building landing pages including Paragraphs, Block Types, Panels, and the new core Layout Builder.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • How to plan effective landing pages that work for content editors and end-users
  • How to use modules like Paragraphs, Inline Entity Form, and Panels
  • How to pick the best configuration technique for your landing page
  • Theming techniques that will enable consistent landing page components
  • Accessibility for landing pages
  • New techniques for building landing pages provided by Drupal core


  • Designing a successful landing page: a brief intro
  • Questions to ask before implementation
  • Building a paragraphs-based landing page
  • Building landing page components with custom blocks
  • Techniques for theming landing pages
  • When to use views
  • Techniques for creating landing pages with flexible layouts
  • Using Panels and Display Suite
  • New Layout tools in Drupal 8

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?

Site builders and themers who are familiar with Drupal site building and are looking for new techniques for creating layouts and landing pages.

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