Creating a Drupal Website with the Web Experience Toolkit (WET)

How to build a website using the Web Experience Toolkit distribution of Drupal

Introduction to Drupal course, or experience administering a Drupal website

The Web Experience Toolkit distribution is a version of Drupal that has been customized for organizations with strict accessibility and bilingual requirements. It's widely used by the Government of Canada. In this training, we'll cover how to build a website using the Web Experience Toolkit distribution of Drupal. The training will walk through essential site building techniques, and also cover more advanced components including the Features module and multilingual components.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components of the Drupal WET distribution
  • Use the bilingual content management system and translate user interface components
  • Create landing pages and other dynamic pages using Panels
  • Manage menus and information architecture
  • Use workflows and customize roles and permissions
  • Use features to manage site configuration
  • Create and manage Beans to place snippets of content on the website
  • Use other built-in components like breadcrumbs and social media features
  • Take advantage of the distribution's accessibility, responsive, and multilingual features

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