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Custom Sorting in Drupal (Nodequeue Replacement)

The Nodequeue module was a fantastic Drupal 7 module that allowed you to sort content arbitrarily. But it no longer exists in Drupal 8. In this video, we’ll look at two different methods to custom sort your lists of content using the Entityqueue module and Paragraphs.

There are times in our Drupal sites where we want the same image to appear in multiple view modes, such as the Full Content and the Teaser. But we want that image to be cropped differently in each view mode.

If you've worked with HTML before, you've no doubt created lists with UL and maybe even used the OL tag. In this tutorial, Trevor Kjorlien will show you some fun, hidden features of the Ordered Lists OL tag.

In this video, Trevor Kjorlien shows how to use the Details tag to save development time and come up with a lot of cleaner code.

What is Flexbox, and how can it help you create responsive web layouts easier? Join developer Trevor Kjorlien for this Intro to Flexbox tutorial, a fantastic set of rules in CSS3 to make web layout a bit more efficient.

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Advanced Drupal Tutorials

Learn about this new experimental module for laying out your content through the UI with Drupal 8. 

How to use the content moderation module in Drupal 8 to set up a simple content publishing workflow. 

The basic configuration you'll need to create a multilingual Drupal 8 site. This video shows the 4 core multilingual modules, what they do, and how to configure them.

As a Drupal themer or site builder, layouts are one of the first considerations when implementing the design of a Drupal site. This video covers some different techniques for creating layouts in Drupal 8.

Learn how to create a fresh install of Drupal 8 or 9 with Acquia Dev Desktop.

Learn how to configure the WYSIWYG settings, what Basic HTML and Full HTML mean, and how to use the Allowed Formats module for Drupal 8.

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