Real World Agile with Drupal

Some project management experience; Knowledge of Drupal is an asset

Course Description

In response to the growing relevance of Agile methodology for all Project Managers, this course is a compilation of techniques proven to give value in real projects. It will present the tools and strategies for adopting agile project management practices

This course is meant for those who have used agile techniques and want to consolidate their knowledge and improve their skills.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • Transitioning your team and you clients to agile

  • Tuning your current Agile  process (Scrum, Kanban: Scrumban)

  • Write better User Stories that brings value to the customer and your team

  • Meeting hard deadlines while staying agile

  • Keeping team members in Sync

  • Improving your agile practices

This training may be right for you if:

  • You already use agile practices in your projects

  • Your organization is planning to adopt an agile approach

  • You wish to become a more versatile project manager

  • You need to adapt more quickly to basic business needs

  • You would like to take a more value- and people-driven approach to projects

  • You want to advance your career as a project manager



  • Introduction to agile
  • Agile charter and project vision
  • Scrum roles and activities
  • Release planning
  • Creating the backlog
  • Presenting user stories


  • Sprint planning
  • Estimating with planning poker
  • The daily standup
  • Sprint review and retrospective
  • Conclusions, lessons learned, and real world applications


Suzanne Dergacheva (pixelite) and Alex Dergachev (evolvingweb). We have 8 years of experience developing Drupal websites. We've worked with clients on many types of Drupal projects, so have a broad background to draw on when answering questions from trainees. We've been running Drupal trainings for 4 years on a variety of topics. We've presented trainings at many DrupalCons and camps around the world.

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