Drupal 7 Site Building

Learn how to build dynamic websites with Drupal

Requires experience administering a Drupal website or you've taken the Introduction to Drupal course

Course Description

The Drupal content management system is known for its flexibility. Drupal can be used for many types of websites, from media portals to e-commerce sites, to community forums. Site builders have the task of customizing Drupal depending on the content and feature-set they want to provide. This gives site builders a challenge, because there are so many options available to them. This course will give participants a thorough understanding of the Drupal site building process. It will give participants a guide for setting up the features they want using configuration. It's ideal for developers and site integrators who want to be able to configure functionality in Drupal rather than writing custom code:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Build complex and powerful functionality with blocks and taxonomy.
  • Manage navigation through Drupalʼs menu system.
  • Manage images, audio, and video content
  • Model data using content types and fields
  • Create calendars and other content listings
  • Create site sections using the Context module
  • Understand the use case for top contributed modules
  • Maintain a secure and speedy website.
  • Articulate best practices of site building with Drupal.