Digital Content Workshop

Elevate Your Content Strategy

No prerequisites

The Digital Content Workshop by Evolving Web

You have a brand and a story. You know your audience. You hang out with them on social media. You publish content on your website, push marketing messages through your email newsletter and sometimes create print media. You have marketing and communications goals that you’re working towards. You’re connecting, informing, selling to, engaging with, and converting people.

So what’s your biggest challenge? How can you make a stronger connection to your audience? How can you elevate your content strategy to the next level? In this workshop, you’ll round out your digital content expertise. You already know that quality content is important. But what you might be missing is the “how” of producing great content. The process, the tools, and the technical know-how to make your content work as part of a cohesive digital strategy. Let’s face it, creating content takes a lot of your time, so better make the content you create more work for you strategically.

Can you be more specific? — Sure!

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  • Content strategy — Getting your goals aligned, what businesses and customers want

  • Writing for digital — Using a process so you can write copy that works

  • Marketing speak — Your content is your brand, so here’s how to sound like your brand

  • Less is more — How to get your team excited about doing a content audit

  • Let’s get technical — Content works better when it’s accessible, searchable (SEO), and responsive.

  • Personalization — Connecting the dots to get the right message to the right people

  • Content distribution channels — How to get your audience in front of your content

  • Show and tell — Strategies for integrating videos, audio, and images that tell a true story about your brand