SASS & Bootstrap

Learn how to speed up your front-end development by using SASS and the Bootstrap framework.

Requires familiarity with HTML and CSS (which you can learn in the Web Fundamentals Course).

Course Description

Want to use the Bootstrap framework for your next project but don't know how to get started? This course will guide you through using Bootstrap for the first time to build out page layouts and components. Whether you want to use Bootstrap with Drupal or another CMS, you'll have the base knowledge to create templates and write HTML that takes advantage of Bootstrap. We'll also cover how to use SASS extension language for CSS and how to compile your SASS to CSS.

Note that this course will cover Bootstrap 4.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • Why to use a CSS frameworks
  • Techniques for implementing a grid system with Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap components - how to create navigation, buttons, and common elements with Bootstrap
  • SASS syntax
  • Compiling SASS to CSS
  • Using Bootstrap documentation and examples
  • Using Bootstrap variables


  • How to add Bootstrap to a project
  • Introduction to the Bootstrap grid system
  • Creating layouts for different devices and screen sizes
  • Building different components with Bootstrap (buttons, navigation, cards)
  • Adding Javascript behaviours with Bootstrap
  • Using SASS to create our stylesheets
  • Compiling SASS to CSS
  • Ensuring that your CSS is performant
  • Making sure that your HTML is accessible

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course?

This course is ideal for anyone familiar with HTML and CSS who wants to expand their front-end development skills and be able to implement Bootstrap-based themes.

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