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Introducing the Redmine Google Docs Plugin

In our previous post, we wrote about how we use custom Redmine plugins to keep specifications up-to-date with our Redmine issues. Since we update the specifications with clients throughout a project, we need a way to keep developers in the loop. Automatically updating an issue page with the changes saves us unnecessary meetings and confusion. The most useful plugin we've been using was one that we wrote ourselves: redmine_google_docs. This plugin allows embedding of Google Spreadsheets and Google Documents in Redmine wiki pages and issues. This helps us spend more time focused on the project and less time on synchronizing documentation.

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Agile Project Management with Google Docs, Git and Redmine

At Evolving Web, Redmine is at the core of our project management methodology. Redmine’s extensibility makes it the open source tool of choice for scoping, tracking and maintaining projects. Today, we're highlighting some of the integration that's possible between Redmine, Google Docs and Git. This piece is complementary to our post on Customizing Redmine in Agile Project Management.

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Customizing Redmine for Agile Project Management

At Evolving Web, we’ve been working with an agile project management methodology for some time now. Compared to the waterfall approach, we’ve found that the agile method best captures our team’s momentum and creativity during development. This translates into an involved client and a better product. By breaking our mandates into two and three week sprints, we work within a limited timeline to implement the project’s specifications. We demo our progress at the end of each sprint to affirm that we’re on the right track and that all of the client’s concerns have been addressed.

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My Introduction to Drupal 101

July marked the start of my time as the newest Project Manager at Evolving Web. My first task was to learn as much as possible about Drupal. As a newbie, I couldn’t have asked for a better system to familiarize myself with. I’m not a technical person by nature, so having to learn about web-based programs and languages was a daunting task. But the wealth of information available on Drupal, on everything from installing the program to configuring modules, was reassuring.

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