Layout Basics With Flexbox

I first started learning HTML in the early 2000s from a library book. At this time, our house didn't even have a dial-up connection, much less a high-speed Internet hookup. In the book, I learned how to lay out my website using tables.  

Depending on your age, you may nod your head in nostalgic agreement or chuckle and say, "Nah, they didn't do that. Tables aren't meant to do that."

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How SASS and Bourbon Neat Can Save Non-Mobile Websites

It's 2016, we are already in the "Mobile Era" and we all love how our modern sites fit and adapt to any screen. It's amazing how a website can stretch to the 52 inches of a Samsung TV and also look good on your mobile phone. But you know what? There are 20 years of "non-mobile" websites out there screaming to be upgraded. And the first word that comes to mind is "redesign".

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HTML & CSS Workshops in Montreal

Over the last couple years, I've been ramping our training program at Evolving Web. We've built out a whole curriculum of courses for people who want to build websites. Most of our courses focus on Drupal, the open source content management system, but we also have more general web design and development courses.

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