Trent University

University Admissions Website

A portal for prospective students to discover Trent University, search for academic programs, and learn about the admissions process.

Trent University - Future Students Website

The Challenge

  • Launch a re-branded version of the Future Students website for Trent University on a short timeline
  • Implement the new user experience
  • Make it easy for prospective students to find the programs of interest to them
  • Import programs to populate the website

The Solution

  • Creation of re-usable Drupal components that can be applied to other Trent websites
  • Implementation of the future students design as a Drupal 7 theme
  • Migration of instructors and undergraduate and masters programs from a CSV file
  • Creation of separate sections for undergraduate, international, and graduate sections of the website using the context module
  • Flexible landing pages using entity reference fields and custom theming
  • Training for Trent staff so they can update the structure, content, and display of the website