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Montreal Library Search

An open data project that pulls library data from the city of Montreal and displays it in an advanced search interface.

Bibnik Screenshots

Bibnik Montreal is a book search platform which pulls in data from Montreal’s open database of library books and displays this in an advanced search interface. The site exposes lots of Montreal-specific data, including how popular the book is among Montreal library-users and at which branches the book is available. It also pulls in book covers from Amazon’s book API.

The search UI is Ajax-enabled, meaning that when you change the filters, the search results are updated automatically without reloading the page. The search engine behind the site is Solr, an open-source Java-based search engine. We used our own AJAX Solr library to integrate Solr with a fully Ajax-enabled user interface. To manage routing, we used backbone.js. This allows us to assign an URL to each page, so you can bookmark search results. For example, here's a search for English nonfiction recently published in Quebec.

Services included:

  • User experience and user interface design

  • Creating an advanced search engine with Solr

  • Content migration

  • Responsive javascript-based front-end development

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