Fin Dev Canada

Export Development Canada

Financing for Developing Markets

A mobile-first website for a new international development initiative from Export Development Canada

FinDev Canada

We created a Drupal 8 website for FinDev Canada, a new financial development initiative from Export Development Canada. The client needed a flexible way for their non-technical content editors to build dynamic landing pages with modular content and flexible design patterns. The result is a visually-rich website that can be customized by content editors to communicate key messaging and information from the EDC. The website is mobile-first, fully bilingual, and accessible. When content editors create content, they pick options that are based on the variety of style treatments defined in the pattern library for the website.


When Export Development Canada was looking for a way to provide easier access to capital for entrepreneurs in developing markets, they created "FinDev Canada", a new entity that lends money to developing markets in order to empower women, build capacity for entrepreneurship and community, and support environmental efforts. It fills that gap between commercial lending for large enterprises, and development assistance via non-profits. It lends like a bank, but in smaller amounts to individuals and small business, so the impact is at the grass-roots level.


The goal was to launch the new brand quickly, while adhering to government requirements of accessibility and bilingualism. We used a style guide-driven process to make sure that all the content components look consistent, and that they work together as a whole. We had 6 weeks to turn the concept into a reality.


  • A new Drupal 8 website to coincide with the launch of the new FinDev brand and organization
  • Conformity to WCAG AA accessibility standards
  • Custom theme that matches the organization's design and corporate branding
  • A living style guide
  • Slideshows, news feeds, search UI, and animated, mobile-friendly navigation
  • Flexible landing pages that are component-based and can be easily created and customized by content editors
  • Landing page components with flexible appearance, to accommodate changes to the website's visuals and marketing messages
  • An administrative interface that's optimized for content editors
  • Fully bilingual (English/French) content and navigation
  • Responsive layout that works with all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile)


Content editors do not need specialized training to make changes to the site, and the content output produced is always accessible. The component-based design gives them the ability to easily change the layouts, messaging and visual elements to suit current and upcoming initiatives. They can even change the colour palette and other visual aspects of the content components.

As part of this project, we released the Sidr Responsive Menu module on, an accessible, mobile-first menu that the Drupal community can use for future projects.