Export Development Canada

Financing for Developing Markets

A mobile-first website for a new international development initiative from Export Development Canada

FinDev Canada

We created a Drupal 8 website for FinDev Canada, a new financial development initiative from Export Development Canada. The client needed dynamic landing pages with modular components like calls to action, accordions, images, and structured content. The result is a visually rich website that can be customized by content editors to communicate key messaging and information from the EDC. The website is mobile-first and includes responsive images and accessible HTML.


Initially conceived as a simple one-page website, the FinDev Canada project grew into a multi-page site incorporating numerous features. With branding and content provided by partner agency Cossette Inc., Evolving Web had 6 weeks to turn the concept into a reality. These were the project goals:

  • Use Drupal 8 to build a new website for FinDev Canada
  • Create dynamic landing and content pages (layouts and elements)
  • Incorporate rich features to display webforms and slideshows
  • Social media functionality for sharing (including OpenGraph)
  • Configure for English and French initially, with additional future language capabilities
  • Build a mobile-first, responsive solution
  • Follow SEO best practices that incorporate meta tags
  • Conform to WCAG AA accessibility standards


  • Built a new Drupal 8 website to coincide with the launch of the new FinDev brand and organization
  • Created a custom theme as the organization's design and corporate branding were being finalized
  • Defined and implemented a living style guide
  • Integrated additional features such as slideshows, news feeds, UI for search and animated elements on the navigation
  • Focused on landing pages that are component-based and can be customized by content editors
  • Built landing page components with flexible appearance to accommodate changes to the website's visuals and marketing messages
  • Optimized the administrative interface for content editors
  • Configured the website to allow for fully bilingual (English/French) content and navigation
  • Created an optimized, responsive site that works with all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • Selected Acquia hosting, allowing for quick deployment and launch


The FinDev website has provided a platform for the organization to launch their brand. An energetic, confident site, it inspires site visitors and potential clients. While FinDev is a financial institution, backed by Export Development Canada, the website shows the innovative and edgy side of the organization.

By using this first iteration of the website as a starting point and creating the capability where it can be built out, FinDev's goal of helping small businesses in developing countries to make a difference in the world is closer to reality. As their target audience is further refined and as site traffic is monitored, site editors have powerful tools that let them integrate new content and brand elements as needed.

Content editors do not need specialized training to make changes to the site. The component-based design gives them the ability to easily change the layouts, messaging and visual elements to suit current and upcoming initiatives.

The accessibility requirements for this website resulted in a need to update the "Sidr" module (a contributed module that we maintain, that provides a mobile menu) more accessible. This also inspired Evolving Web to give back to the Drupal community, by blogging and presenting on accessibility at Drupal Camps.

Why Drupal?

  • Client chose Drupal
  • It's a robust CMS that can handle languages well and adapt to future needs
  • Although this project started as an online brand brochure, the content management system needed to be able to ┬ábe built out into a larger functioning website
  • An open source solution is inexpensive in comparison to a licensed CMS