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Western Digital

Developer Documentation Portal

Seeking to build a modern, robust new standard for its Developer Platform, Western Digital teamed up with Evolving Web.

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Evolving Web worked closely with the team at Western Digital to design and build a new developer portal. We developed an automated content migration process for the API documentation pages, and used Drupal 8 to set up easy-to-use content management tools for all the other pages. We created a single sign-on solution with Auth0 so that internal and external developers can have access to the content that's relevant to them.


Our goal was to quickly launch a new website to replace the static HTML site previously in place. The client needed to create a website that's easy to edit, more engaging than the previous site, and in-line with Western Digital's branding guidlines.

Specifically, we needed to improve the content management tools available to editors, make the API documentation more accessible and easier to find, and integrate smoothly with Western Digital's internal API data source to make content deployment as smooth as possible.


  • Designed landing pages, made up of engaging and visual content components that content editors can easily update
  • Streamlined editing of landing pages for site admins using the Paragraphs module
  • Created a solution that provides a dynamic “Table of Contents” for documentation pages
  • Built a single sign-on solution using Auth0 to allow developers to connect with a unique identifier, from the internal Active Directory
  • Integrated basic search features with the Drupal Search API module
  • Built webforms for developer feedback, and to allow developers to apply to register their intelligent apps
  • Produced a solution that performs automatic content migration for API documentation pages
  • Established easy content management of developer portal information through the Drupal 8 back-end
  • Built an optimized, responsive site for all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • Provided content migration into Drupal from their legacy site which was mainly static HTML
  • Provided content moderation features for editors
  • Created a custom migration plugin to import API docs
  • Selected and launched using Drupal with Pantheon hosting, allowing for quick deployment and launch


The My Cloud Home Developer Portal was built so that site administrators can easily edit content. It uses a custom responsive theme to adapt the site to desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The design integrates the existing corporate branding and uses custom illustrations, simple imagery and intelligent messaging. 

By using and extending the brand design throughout the site, Western Digital and the My Cloud Home team can promote the website and their products to developers. Developer “buy-in” is crucial to the success of this product.

Prototyping of migration and single sign-on functionality was performed during the initial user experience and design phase to accommodate the tight development timeline. The solution uses Auth0 and provides a better and more comfortable experience for developers.

Drupal provided My Cloud Home with the robust capabilities needed to realize their technical demands, and future increased capabilities and functionality for developers. By using Drupal to manage the content, instead of static HTML pages, updates are easy and quick to perform.

Working Together

We used an agile design and development process to comply with the short initial deadline to present the latest My Cloud Home product at CES 2018. We worked with Western Digital’s internal design team, to align the portal design with their existing style guides. Our design team provided content design directions, interface design and bespoke illustrations.

Why Drupal?

  • Western Digital intends to build an app store for their My Cloud ecosystem, and Drupal’s scalability provides third-party app integration that the web portal needed
  • Drupal is a single platform that can handle different functionalities, integrating multiple technologies 
  • New features for the web portal can be created as needed
  • Drupal has robust content migration and synchronization frameworks that were essential for the success of the project
  • Drupal 8’s workflow system allows users to systematically and efficiently add approved content to the website
  • The platform is stable, secure, and maintainable

Technical Challenges

With a tight, 6-week development window, and issues cropping up as the discovery phase of the project turned into programming and implementation, many technical challenges surfaced for Evolving Web to solve.

The technical challenges focused on the following:

  • Landing pages Besides ensuring that the landing pages focused on providing an optimal user experience, they were also configured to work with the Content Moderation module. Since the Drupal module was experimental at the time, Evolving Web applied patches to it, ensuring the content moderation performed as needed and expected.
  • Legacy content migration Evolving Web migrated legacy data from an HTML website. With a list of the URLs, custom migrations were written to import the data into the new Drupal 8 site.
  • Auto-updating of APIs and documentation Evolving Web worked collaboratively to create a single command to auto-update developer APIs and documentation, migrating the data into Drupal from a non-standard data source.