Quebec English Language School Boards

Data Visualization Portal

The Evidence-Based Practice Project is a data visualization tool for English-language school boards in Quebec.

Data visualization portal



The Evidence-Based Practice Project is a service offered to English-language school boards in Quebec to help them build their capacity to use data and research findings to support student success. We created a web-based data visualization interface for school board administrators and the public.

Each school board has a landing page that displays an overview page, charts with graduation rates, timelines, maps, and related media. This enables school board administrators to analyze the data and stories for each board, and make informed decisions on new policies and initiatives.


  • Add school board data the existing Drupal 7 website
  • Create a modern design for this interface that fits in with the existing look and feel
  • Organize the data in a meaningful way
  • Present school board admins with a narrative for each board, as well as the data
  • Create user-friendly charts and graphs
  • Allow site administrators to be able to easily enter data


  • We used the Paragraphs module so administrators can edit all the school board data via 1 edit form
  • Customized the Drupal 7 theme to style the school board data
  • Added GIS data for schools location for schools across the province with Google Maps API 3
  • We made the school Geo Positioning experience support Address Search and Interactive Map Pin Drops for remote schools with more complex geolocation info
  • Provided a smooth admin interface for Timeline, making it easy to rearrange, edit and present events
  • Charts for presenting complex time-based stats for graduation rates, student population, and school type


  • The new content presentation experience allows website users to enjoy a more advanced data filtering, navigation, and authoring
  • Modern look-and-feel for school board landing page
  • 1-click editing for school boards info
  • Public-facing text is available in English and French
  • School board tabs are easy to use