Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a leading children's hospital in Pennsylvania that has produced many important breakthroughs and pediatric medicine. The hospital consistently ranks as one of America's leading children's hospitals and aims to provide the highest quality care with compassion, integrity and respect. Evolving Web worked with a partner agency Zivtech to refresh the design and function of the hospital's "Vaccines on the Go" mobile app and turn it into a more compelling and user-friendly tool.


"Vaccines on the Go" is the hospital's mobile app, conceived to help parents and caregivers find essential information about vaccinations, health and wellness, and to book appointments for their children. An older version of the app was built using PhoneGap, which was rebuilt with React Native and Drupal 8 to enhance the experience for both its end users and content editors.

Vaccines on the Go mobile interfaces


We chose React Native to build the app due to its ability to create a smooth and immersive browsing experience similar to those found in native apps. Since React Native is a cross-platform framework, we were able to reuse our code and speed up our development process. Drupal 8 was our backend due to its reliability, scalability, and ability to manage large volumes of content without sacrificing performance.

Drupal 8 is often used for API scenarios and is a popular back-end for decoupled websites. Drupal 8 separates the front-end from the content management, allowing design and layout changes without changing the back-end. Similarly, content editors work purely with content, which is separate from the front-end. Future upgrades and redesigns are limited in scope to front-end or back-end, which lowers costs.

Along with boosting performance, restructuring the content and improving the overall user experience, we implemented the following features.

  • Real-time user statistics using Firebase Analytics, which allows the hospital to track user events so they can iteratively improve the app (users can opt-out if needed)
  • Push notifications so that the hospital can directly communicate with users regarding important updates about vaccinations
  • Offline caching, which provides greater convenience for users who need information when they don't have Internet access
  • Built-in PDF viewers, video embedding, and other features to improve readability and understanding


The new "Vaccines on the Go" app beautifully embodies CHOP's branding and efficiently helps its users achieve key goals. Our reorganized content framework, navigation menus and informational components allow parents to quickly access resources about vaccines and other health information in convenient and engaging formats such as scrollable text, downloadable PDFs, videos, and more.   

The use of bright and family-friendly media is visually compelling and inviting, and booking appointments has never been easier thanks to the app's clear user journey and cleaner user interface. The hospital's content editors also benefit from Drupal's flexibility and robust infrastructure, which makes it easy for them to add and update content. The new app provides valuable content in an intuitive way, and enables the hospital to extend their award-winning service to the mobile screen.