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Centralized Health Services Portal

Centralizing all the Montérégie regions and sub-regions service locator

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Santé Montérégieprovides health services across the Montérégie region (a densely populated region south of Montréal). It includes several sub-regions, each with its own set of hospitals, clinics, and programs. The organization needed to create a web platform to consolidate the information from the sub-regions into a single web experience. Evolving Web helped Santé Montérégie translate this vision into an effective user experience and information architecture. We created a new set of design patterns that could be rolled out across the entire platform. The platform was developed as a secure, bilingual, and accessible Drupal 8 website.


This project had the ambitious goal of modernizing and consolidating multiple websites for different health networks into a single online point-of-service for residents. This would reduce the confusion about which website to consult to find information about local services, and allow residents to find services from other sub-regions. At the same time, it would reduce the overhead of the sub-regions, which previously had to maintain their own infrastructure and content.


Our project deliverables included:

  • A new Drupal 8 website
  • Assessment of the audience needs and priorities
  • Improved navigation and user experience
  • An in-depth digital style guide for the Santé Montérégie's brand
  • A mobile-first, responsive theme based on the Bootstrap framework
  • Services search that allows residents to find services by location and type
  • Careers section
  • Fully bilingual (English/French) content and navigation
  • A user-friendly content editing interface for editors in each sub-region in both English and French
  • Conformity to WCAG AA accessibility standards
  • Training for the team to migrate their content to Drupal 8 and host and maintain the platform internally
  • A custom content moderation workflow that makes it easy for staff from each sub-region to edit their own content without going through website administrators

Working together

As part of the mandate, we trained Santé Montérégie employees so they can maintain and host the website independently, and so that they were able to participate in the review, development, and deployment of the website. We also trained the organization's communications team to create visually rich accessible content. We organized the training early in the process so that we could incorporate feedback from these training sessions back into the final product.

We used two-week sprints, daily scrums, and demos showing visible progress throughout the project. By involving Santé Montérégie in the sprint planning, they were able to stay up-to-date and provide their input and prioritization of work throughout the project.


By taking a fully mobile-first approach, we were able to design an interface that is much more adapted to user needs and streamlines the content available on each page. We worked with all the stakeholders across the Montérégie to create an information architecture that balances the importance of local services with the need to find services from other sub-regions.

The website is customer-centric and provides an interface that is in line with user expectations and user experience best practices. We integrated postal code and territorial data provided by the client to create a point-of-service finder for residents to locate services near them, without limiting them to the services in their sub-region.