AllSeen Alliance

IoT Device Certification Workflow

Drupal-powered certification platform for the AllJoyn® Certified Program

AllJoyn® Device Certification Workflow



Evolving Web partnered with the Linux Foundation to deliver a Drupal-based device certification workflow for the AllJoyn®, an emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technical standard that is backed by the AllSeen Alliance, a consortium of 180 major hardware manufacturers and industry players that includes Qualcomm, Microsoft, LG, and Sony.

This was a major Drupal 7 intranet portal that allowed manufacturers to create an account, select an Authorized Laboratory, and submit hardware device specifications, test results, and associated documents into a complex multi-party workflow whose successful completion would allow them to advertise their products as AllJoyn® certified.

In the course of the project, Evolving Web implemented a custom certification workflow designed by domain experts in hardware testing and certification. There were a number of unique challenges that we overcame to successfully deliver the solution on time. 


  • Develop a customized interface to allow manufacturers to submit products for review
  • Workflow for each product to go through to get approval from technical experts
  • Implementing and tracking customized states and transitions for each type of data (products, manufacturers, etc)
  • Implementing detailed technical specifications, provided by AT4 Wireless
  • Updating the workflow as the specifications changed


  • Complex access control scheme (node grants), reflecting the role of each user and related company, and the state of each document
  • Extensive use of the Form API and Ajax framework
  • Custom fields and display handlers
  • Custom views relationship to show the latest approved revision entity
  • Email notifications and task tracking
  • CAS based SSO (single sign-on) scheme
  • HelloSign API integration
  • Using docker to provide all team members a uniform development environment
  • Coordination with Linux Foundation's deployment team
  • Running an agile development process, with regular client demos and feedback


  • The process for product certification is now part of a stream-lined online process
  • Administrators can review what happens at each point in the certification of a given product 
  • Manufacturers can easily create accounts and submit products
  • Authorized labs can review products, test results, and view associated documents online
  • The workflow can be modified as the certification process is further refined