Princeton University Press

Princeton University Press

Creating a Drupal solution to bring Princeton University Press’s over 10,000 scholarly books to academia and society-at-large. Read More »

Council for Responsible Nutrition

Council for Responsible Nutrition

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is the leading trade association of dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers, with members in the USA and around the world. Read More »



CARTaGENE is a research organization that gathers data from participants and facilitates biomedical research projects. Read More »


U15 - Group of Canadian Research Universities

The U15 is a group of leading Canadian research universities. It promotes research and innovation and supports joint research programs between member universities. Read More »

AllSeen Alliance

AllJoyn® Device Certification Workflow

Drupal-powered certification platform for the AllJoyn® Certified Program Read More »

Drawn & Quarterly

Drawn and Quarterly E-Commerce Website - Maintenance and Support

Drawn and Quarterly is a favourite Montréal institution. They are a publishing company that specializes in graphic novels, comic books, and books for kids. Read More »

Trent University

Trent University - Future Students Website

A portal for prospective students to discover Trent University, search for academic programs, and learn about the admissions process. Read More »

Trent University

Trent University Install Profile

An install profile to streamline how Trent creates websites with Drupal Read More »

AllSeen Alliance Redesign

Created a strong communications platform for the AllSeen Alliance, the open-source Internet of Things standards body promoted by the Linux Foundation. Read More »

Quebec English Language School Boards

Evidence-Based Practice Project

The Evidence-Based Practice Project is a data visualization tool for English-language school boards in Quebec. Read More »

Government of Canada Drupal 7 Revamp is a public-facing portal with information about the Government of Canada's procurement process. Read More »

McGill University

McGill GPA and CGPA Calculator

McGill needed to build a tool to calculate a student's CGPA (cumulative GPA) based on data from their transcript. Many students attend other universities in a variety of jurisdictions, so the CGPA needs to be converted to a common grade scale. Read More »

McGill University

Graduate Admissions Portal

We overhauled the online admissions process for a major Canadian university, making it easier for users to apply to grad school. Read More »

Lifetime Entertainment

Lifetime Entertainment Quiz Hub

Lifetime is a popular television network that features programming geared towards women. Read More »

Commission for Environmental Cooperation

North American Marine Protected Areas Network

Evolving Web created a trilingual website for the CEC’s North American Marine Protected Areas Network. The website provides a visually-rich user experience while providing access to a large amount of detailed content about marine ecosystems in North America. Read More »

San Diego County Medical Society

San Diego County Medical Society

The San Diego County Medical Society website provides a wide range of services to doctors and patients in San Diego county. These include a physician locator, powered by Google Maps, and an e-commerce section where doctors can register for membership. Read More »

Beltran Litigation

Beltran Litigation P.A.

We designed and integrated a new brand identity and look and feel for Beltran Litigation's online presence. Read More »

Choeur Maha

Choeur Maha Website

Choeur Maha is a Montreal-based choir dedicated to innovative music and a decidedly non-traditional take on choral music. Read More »

McGill University

McGill University Course Calendar

The undergraduate course calendar displays a huge amount of content from McGill's internal databases including over 10,000 courses and over 400 programs. Read More »

McGill University

McGill University Health Centre

The McGill University Health Centre is one of Canada's leading health care organizations. It includes a network of five hospitals and is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project in the Montreal area. Read More »

The Linux Foundation

Cloud Foundry Summit - 2015 Website

Evolving Web created a minisite for the Cloud Foundry Summit's 2015 conference. Read More »


Travelocity's CMS

Evolving Web used Drupal to develop a dynamic CMS for Travelocity's website. AllHotels is a reservation website used by thousands of customers to book hotels around the world. Read More »



Wetstyle is a high-end bath and lavatory manufacturer based in Montreal, Quebec. Read More »