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Evolving Web believes in helping you become more digitally independent, in openness, and in sharing knowledge with our community.

We are currently giving away free scholarship tickets for our in-depth Drupal & Web Development Trainings, to selected organizations and individuals that are struggling due to COVID-19. Our intro courses are always free for everyone!


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How Websites Are Made: An Introduction to HTML & CSS - June 10

Learn the fundamentals: the HTML & CSS you need to understand to start a career in web.

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What is Drupal? An Introduction to Drupal 8 - June 26

Learn the fundamental concepts of Drupal, what is does out-of-the-box, and the lingo you need to know to dive deeper.

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Take Your Career to the Next Level

We have a whole series of more in-depth courses about web development, Drupal, accessibility, UX & Content Strategy. If you've been affected by COVID-19, apply for a scholarship for a more in-depth course. Our trainings are live, hands-on courses delivered by video conference, so we only have a limited set of tickets available.

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About Our Training Program


Small class sizes, hands-on learning and engaging instruction from Drupal experts

Join individuals and teams at the Government of Canada, Princeton University, and Western Digital in upgrading your Drupal skills.

  • We've converted all our trainings to a "Learn From Home" format

  • All our courses are offered live by video conference with experienced instructors and hands-on learning

  • Our courses range from web fundamentals to module development, Drupal 8 migration, UX and content strategy, and accessibility

  • We also offer private training for teams, and training on customized topics, download our Training Brochure (PDF)

Apply for a Scholarship

If your organization is struggling at this time, or your job has been affected due to COVID-19, apply for a scholarship. We are giving away free tickets to selected individuals and organizations. Just fill in the application form below to let us know which course you'd like to attend and how you've been affected by COVID-19. We'll be in touch soon!