Drupal 7 Panels

Introduction à Drupal , ou expérience avec l'administration d'un site web Drupal.

Learn how to make landing pages your website without any programming. Whether you're creating a promotion page for an upcoming campaign or a set of top-level pages to highlight content throughout your website, the "Panels" module is the tool you're looking for. Panels is a popular Drupal module used to create individual pages with complex layouts of your content (3 column vs 2 column layout, with or without a top header or footer, etc). We’ll show you how to use Panels to take over existing pages such as the node creation page, and cover how to use Panels in conjunction with Views to create context-specific displays of your data. We'll explain how to embed views within Panels, create custom block sections, create custom node displays, and create custom administration pages.

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Create customizable, configurable layouts.
  • Create a system to allow users to modify layout without touching code.
  • Employ contexts and variants for a control over display of content depending on context such as page or user role.