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How to Embed Facebook Videos with the Drupal Media Module

Since the start of lockdown in March, you’ve probably seen way more live streams on social media than you ever had before. These are taking places on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Live.

We recently got a question at a training from an attendee whose organization has been doing more live streams on Facebook. They also use Drupal’s built-in Media module and were wondering how they could embed their recorded live streams from Facebook onto their Drupal site. In today's tutorial, I outline two different methods for pulling this off.

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Making Drupal Websites "Retina Ready"

If you've used a device with a Retina display to browse the web or develop a website, you might have noticed that some of the images look a little fuzzy. Retina devices require images that have twice the number of pixels to appear normally on the screen. This is a bit of a pain for front-end developers. It means that if you want to display a 100x100 image on a website, you also need a 200x200 version of that image retina devices, and then you need to scale it down to size when it's displayed.

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