Commission de coopération environnementale

North American Marine Protected Areas Network

Evolving Web created a trilingual website for the CEC’s North American Marine Protected Areas Network. The website provides a visually-rich user experience while providing access to a large amount of detailed content about marine ecosystems in North America.

North American Marine Protected Areas Network

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation is an inter-governmental organization that aims to address environmental concerns and facilitate collaboration between Canada, the United States, and Mexico on environmental issues.

One of the commission's recent project was the North American Marine Protected Areas Network (NAMPAN), a network of coastal areas that spans all three countries. The network aims to connect local environmental leaders and to provide information about the changes in environmental conditions in these areas.

The NAMPAN website includes information at each level of the network, from the larger ecoregions to specific marine protected areas. A custom mapping tool allows users to explore the network. Rich visual imagery of wildlife and habitat compliments the detailed textual information about each ecoregion, park, and species.

A data visualization tool allows users to see the changes in environmental factors for each area. Scorecards detail environmental threats and successes, and information on endangered marine wildlife is available. The site is available in English, French, and Spanish.