Formation Drupal Commerce

Aucune expérience technique est necessaire, La connaissance de Drupal ou autre CMS est un atout.

Want to sell products online? Whether you're selling t-shirts, bicycles, or downloads, this course will teach you how to create an e-commerce website using open source tools. We'll cover how to set up your store to sell different types of products, how to manage products, inventory, and product specifications. You'll also learn how to customize the checkout experience to keep your customers happy, and how to add features to your store using contributed modules. In this course, we'll use the Drupal Commerce Kickstart platform as a starting point. This is a flexible platform that includes all the components you'll need to start selling products online. It's an open source platform which allows you to add functionality aside from the store (blogs, reviews, community features), as well as a custom look and feel. The course will include demos, presentations, and hands-on exercises. You'll come out of the course with your own online store already in progress.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Drupal Commerce
  • How to set up product types and start selling products
  • How to the shopping cart process works
  • Setting up taxes and product attributes
  • Customizing the user experience for your customers
  • Using contributed modules to extend what your online store can do
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for attracting users to your store