Drupal Cloud

Setting up a High-Performance Distributed Drupal in the Cloud

Jeff and I are proposing a session for DrupalCon Copenhagen. At DrupalCon San Francisco, I was struck by how many people had questions about high performance Drupal. Many of them were thinking of moving to the cloud. Since we have recently designed a site for the Rackspace cloud, with a distributed scalable architecture, we thought we'd like to share with you. The talk will somewhat echo two articles we wrote: Controlling Your Cloud with Puppet by Jeff and Drupal in the Cloud: Deploying on Rackspace with Nginx and Boost.

Here is the proposal we submitted (Vote for it and come and ask us questions):

Keep hearing about "the cloud" and not sure how to get there? This talk will help you decide when it's time to start reaching for the cloud, and then how you can get there. We will outline how you can get Drupal installed in the cloud with services on separated and load-balanced instances.


  • Easy pre-cloud optimizations to help speed up your site before moving to the cloud.
  • Need the cloud? What is your server architecture going to look like and how will it scale?
  • What software can you use to build and scale your cloud? Overview of glusterFS, memcache, nginx, varnish, boost, puppet, chef.
  • Speed tuning. Using xhprof to help see where your bottlenecks are and what you can do to fix them.
  • Seeing results. Using jmeter to benchmark both anonymous and authenticated user response times and simulate real-world loads.
  • Keeping it running. Using nagios/icinga to monitor server performance.