First Drupal Meet-Up in Charlottetown, PEI

On August 3rd, Evolving Web was in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and we had the chance to attend PEI's first Drupal Meet-Up.

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Drupal highlight: node hierarchy

The latest module I've been testing, the node hierarchy module has made quite a splash here at Evolving Web.

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iWeb: Great Dedicated Hosting in Montreal

Our clients often ask for their site to be hosted with a Canadian provider. Some do this because they are government organizations with specific purchasing guidelines and some do it because they are patriotic.

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Montreal WordCamp 2009

Last weekend, in the spirit of open source community, Alex and I went to WordCamp Montreal.

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Buzz On: Open Atrium

Since I started working at Evolving Web, it seems like every other client I talk to wants a collaborative project management tool. So, all of us in the office were really excited to see what Development Seed's been up to with Open Atrium.

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Drupal Highlight: Biblio Module

In the last month and half, I have been rapidly brought up to date on Drupal. While it has been challenging, I have definitely come to appreciate the flexibility and extensibility Drupal has to offer.

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New Faces at Evolving Web

Evolving Web has had the pleasure of taking on three talented interns from McGill University this summer. Logan, Daniele, and David have thrown themselves into Drupal with enthusiasm.

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Drupal for change

Recently, I saw a blog post making its way around the web from Max Gladwell, entitled “10 ways to change the world through social media.”

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