Upcoming 2017 Drupal Events in North America

Upcoming 2017 Drupal Events where we can meet in North America

And it is finally 2017! New year, new projects, new challenges and, of course, a lot of Drupal events.

On this short post, I'll go through a few Drupal events in North America that we'll be either attending or be sponsoring on the first quarter of the year.

If you are planning to attend, feel free to get in touch with us in advance. We love hanging around and meeting with fellow community members, potential business partners, and people just interested in getting to know us.

February: DrupalCamps

Princeton, NJ

Early in the month on the weekend of Feb 3rd - 5th, DrupalCamp New Jersey 2017 will be held at Princeton University, in Princeton, NJ.

  • 6th Anniversary.
  • 300 Estimated attendees.
  • 25 Sessions.
  • 1 Day of Training.

Evolving Web will be doing training, presenting 3 sessions and backing the event at the Gold Sponsor level:

  • Training course "Content Strategy for Drupal"
  • Using Blackfire to Profile Your Loading Time
  • Rescue Me: Recovering a sad, broken Drupal
  • Moving our company site from Drupal 7 to 8: Sharing our Experience

New York City, NY

The "unconference" format of DrupalCampNYC is pretty unique and interesting. Sessions are selected by the attendees early in the morning and then distributed across the rooms to take place during the rest of the day. The event will take place on Saturday, Feb 18th.

  • 11th Anniversary.
  • 150 Estimated attendees.
  • ~ 20 Sessions.

We will be sponsoring the event at the "Premium Sponsor" level and will bring a few of our sessions to the voting stage early in the morning.

Orlando, FL

On the same weekend as DrupalCampNYC (Feb 17th - 19th) but in a much more tropical city, Florida DrupalCamp 2017 will happen in Orlando, FL.

  • 7th Anniversary.
  • 300 Estimated attendees.
  • ~ 35 Sessions.
  • 1 Day of Training.

At Orlando, we'll have Suzanne as a featured speaker, 1 training session and we have submitted a few sessions:

March: MidCamp

Chicago, IL

MidCamp Chicago 2017 will take place later in the spring, from March 30th - April 2nd.

  • 4th Anniversary.
  • 350 - 400 Estimated attendees.
  • 35 - 40 Sessions.
  • 1 Day of Training.

Evolving Web will be "Training Sponsor" at MidCamp 2017 and as soon as the submission opening starts, we will come up with a few interesting proposals.

April: DrupalCon North America

Baltimore, MD

DrupalCon North America, this year in Baltimore, is the biggest Drupal event worldwide. It will take place from April 24th - 28th and will gather thousands of Drupal people from many different places. It is the oldest major Drupal event and started in 2005 when Drupal was still on version 4.x.

  • 12th Anniversary
  • ~ 3,000 Estimated attendees.
  • ~ 80 Sessions.
  • 1 Day of Training.

For DrupalCon, we have submitted a few sessions that are still on the waiting list, but for sure we are going even if we won't be presenting!

Of course, there are more...

On this post, I mentioned the ones that we'll be attending during the first half of the year. To find a full list, please refer to Drupical, a very popular tool for getting up to date with Meetups, Training and Drupal events around the world.

See you at the Camps!