Drupal + Universities

Universities in Canada Using Drupal

Drupal is a popular choice for universities these days. It’s particularly appealing for organizations that currently maintain a custom CMS or use proprietary solutions. Universities often have a large number of distinct web properties, whether it’s for different departments, colleges, faculties, or even individual students and staff members. For large universities, these sites sometimes number in the hundreds.

Some institutions take a top-down approach, and moving to Drupal means transferring all sites to a new platform while trying to enforce a consistent look-and-feel. Each Drupal site might be limited to a list of approved of modules, and a style-guide might be in place. Other institutions use a variety of platforms for different web properties and only a few departments or faculties will adopt Drupal. In either case, the switch to Drupal seems to be as much a cultural shift as a technical one.

Universities have a huge influence over Drupal adoption. In many places, universities host local Drupal user groups and camps. In Montreal, the McGill web services team is a driving force behind organizing the annual Drupal Camp, and the event has been hosted at the school for the past two years. Drupal adoption also means that students and staff are familiar with the platform, and Drupal usage is likely to spread to the local academic and business communities.

Many prominent American universities, including Stanford and Rutgers, have been adopting Drupal, and it's exciting to see Canadian institutions doing the same. Here are some examples:

McGill University

McGill University on Drupal
McGill has been moving a large number of sites to Drupal over the past couple years, including the alumni website and faculty websites such as the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. McGill’s new Drupal theme is really attractive, so the shift to Drupal is quite visible as more and more sites move to the new platform. (Full disclosure: Evolving Web worked on moving McGill’s undergraduate course calendar to Drupal.)

University of Windsor

University of Windsor on Drupal
The University of Windsor is using Drupal on its main website. Sites like the Faculty of Law are also using Drupal, with a slightly different theme.

University of Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge on Drupal
The University of Lethbridge is using Drupal on its main website, along with certain faculties like the Faculty of Management.

University of Calgary

University of Calgary on Drupal
The University of Calgary selected Drupal in 2006, according to this blog post.

University of PEI

University of PEI on Drupal
The University of PEI was one of the first university websites to move to Drupal. You can read Dries’ blog post about the university’s move to a multi-site Drupal installation.

University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo on Drupal
Last year, the University of Waterloo made the decision to use Drupal (see Khalid’s blog post). There’s currently a pilot site mirroring their homepage, which runs on Drupal.

University of Guelph

University of Guelph on Drupal
The University of Guelph is using Drupal on some of their web properties. Craig Hyatt from UofG presented on using the Single Sign-On module at Drupal Camp Montreal.

Brock University

Brock University on Drupal
Brock University recently moved its main website to Drupal.

University of Toronto

UofF Mississauga Library on Drupal
There's a long list of UofT websites that are Drupal and other open source platforms. Sites using Drupal include departments, student groups, and some larger sites like the UofF Mississauga Library.

Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University on Drupal
Royal Roads University is a small University in British Columbia. Its main site is powered by Drupal.

Tyndale University

Tyndale University College and Seminary on Drupal
The Tyndale University College and Seminary website is based in Drupal. Tyndale also has a site for their Drupal User Group which includes information about the status of their Drupal projects.

For more information and discussion on using Drupal in a university context, check out the Higher Education Group on Drupal.org. And if you know of any other Canadian schools using Drupal, drop us note in the comments and we'll do our best to keep this list current.