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Looking for gems in my old gists

Inspired to do some spring cleaning today, I reviewed my archived gists to see if there's anything noteworthy. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few nuggets buried amongst random error logs and git diffs.

Some of them are interesting technical guides that took hours to write, and it's a shame that they've rotted away in obscurity. Several others were picked up by google, and turns out they even got a few comments and a bunch of stars.

Here are a few short command-line, sysadmin, and web developer tricks:

Some funky bookmarklets I wrote a while back when I was obsessed with them:

I also found a mini-gist which I intended to populate with ideas for future tools to build, but forgot all about it and never quite achieved world domination with them:

    • service that will automatically convert gist to github repo; possibly auto-sync. Allows mirroring, permissions, , gh-pages, etc.
    • Command line tool to modify config.json; like a generic git config, similar in use to drush vset
    • currently echo config.json | python -m json.tool gets you half-way there. See json.tool source code

I've played with some cool stuff over the years. Seeing this makes me inspired to write more!

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