Introducing our Drupal 8 Training Program

Mar 30, 2016 · by Suzanne Dergacheva

Over the past four years at Evolving Web, we've built up a comprehensive curriculum of Drupal training. Now that Drupal 8 had come out, we're re-writing all our trainings. It's exciting to go through the material, re-think the curriculum, and produce an updated and improved set of training material. So far, we've added the following courses for Drupal 8: 

There are so many improvements to the admin UI in Drupal 8 that some things are way easier to teach. There are also more features, which means more configuration options and more material to cover. You can find a full list of upcoming courses and all courses in the training section of our website.

    Evolving Web training handout - Are you ready for Drupal 8?

    Upcoming Drupal 8 Courses:

    We launched the Introduction to Drupal 8 course last year at DrupalNorth, and have given the training a couple times since in Ottawa and at MidCamp. The Drupal 8 Theming course was launched this year at DrupalCon Asia. We've now scheduled a whole set of courses in Canada and the US, including the following dates. More dates to come for the Drupal 8 module development course and the 5-Day Drupal 8 training soon.

    If you're interested in attending a Drupal 8 training in your city, please tell us about it! We're very excited to travel to new places to help onboard new Drupalers onto D8.