Evolving Web at DrupalCamp Montreal 2013

The sixth annual DrupalCamp Montreal was held at the UQAM Coeur de Sciences on October 26th.We had a new format this year, starting with a lively panel discussion on Friday evening about the future of the web, including panelists from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, W3C, and other organizations. In an effort to make the camp more bilingual, simultaneous translation was provided via headsets during the panel discussion. This was followed by a full day of sessions on Saturday on a variety of Drupal topics including site building techniques, Vagrant and Chef, responsive design, and Drupal 8.

The last four years, the camp has been held at McGill University, and the new venue brought in some new faces. There were also more sessions than ever before, with 4 sessions taking place in each time slot.

Evolving Web had five presentations at the camp:

Drupal for Designers

A demonstration of how to set up a Drupal site, from a designer's perspective.

Vagrant: Getting Started

How to use Vagrant to set up a virtual machine with Drupal and Drush installed.

Chef for Drupal

Introduction to Chef and how it can be used to manage a production Drupal environment.
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Best Practices for Creating a Drupal Website

Including tips for creating/organizing your content types, important configuration settings to check before you launch and a whole bunch of useful modules (slides in French).

Responsive Design with Zen and Zen Grids

How to use Zen Grids to set up layouts on your Drupal site, with an overview of the Zen theme, and how to use Sass and Compass.

Other video highlights included Kat Bailey's session on Writing Unit Testable Code, Peter Wolanin's session on how to use Drupal 8's Plugin System, and Andrew Berry's entertaining talk on Doing Drupal Right. You can browse through a list of all recorded sessions on the DrupalCamp website.