Evolving Web at Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011

Jun 25, 2011 · by Suzanne Dergacheva

We're having a great time at Drupal Camp Boston this weekend. Here's a summary of the sessions we presented and the slides that accompany them.

Travelocity's AllHotels.com Case Study

Simone Pereira and Suzanne Kennedy presented a case study about Evolving Web's work on the AllHotels.com CMS, implemented in Drupal over the last year. The site is offered in 7 languages across over 20 domains, and includes a large amount of content and taxonomy terms. The case study we presented includes details about our project management approach and discussion of the integration points with the AllHotels reservation system.

Poutine Maker: An Introduction to Custom Multi-Value Fields in Drupal 7

Tavish Armstrong presented about the Field API in Drupal 7. The Field API in Drupal 7 gives developers many ways to create complex custom fields. Tavish presented his demo module 'Poutine Maker', which allows users to design their own versions of Poutine. He talked about the main hooks in the Field API for creating custom fields, widgets, and formatters. He also discussed validation and settings, and the major pitfalls to avoid when creating custom fields.

Thanks to Ezra Barnett Gildesgame for the group photo.