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Drupalcon Photo Contest, Take Two: Drupal IRL

Feb 28, 2012 · by Alex Dergachev

Yesterday we posted an article on Drupal Planet about our plans for Drupalcon Denver. Aside from promoting Suzanne's session on i18n site building and the #d8mi codesprint, the post announced our Drupalcon photo contest, in which participants are asked to take a picture of themselves hanging out with other awesome Drupalistas, which for many people is what the conference is all about. To try to make the contest go viral, we gave it an ironic name ("Drupal Celebrity Photo Challenge"), included a pic of our star-struck intern Tavish meeting Dries at Drupalcon London, and asked that all entries are submitted via twitter.

If any publicity is good publicity, then our plan was a resounding success. Over the following day, we received dozens of tweets, emails, and phone calls reacting to the contest, both positively and negatively. Most of the concerns were related to either the potential invasion of privacy (after all, rock stars can't stand paparazzi), or the exclusionary nature of the notion of "celebrity", and are eloquently summarized by Tiffany Farriss's tweet:

#Drupal people, while cute and powerful, are not Pokemon. Do not try to catch them all. #DrupalCon

Since the last thing we want to do is annoy our friends and colleagues, or risk a DrupalCon controversy, we're going to follow all your good advice and fix our contest before any feathers really get ruffled.

The new photo contest is going to be called "Drupal In Real Life". The premise is simple: take a picture that illustrates how Drupal isn't just PHP code, but a thriving, diverse community of creative and fun-loving Drupalistas, and tweet a link to it tagged with #drupaIRL. Be sure to make it interesting, original, or humorous, since we'll be picking the winner based on the reaction your photo gets on twitter. For more information, see the contest page at evolvingweb.ca/drupalirl or send us a message via Twitter :)

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