Ottawa's First Ever DrupalCamp a Success!

Ottawa held its first DrupalCamp on February 22-23rd. The camp included a summit about Drupal for government, a codesprint, and sessions. Being in Ottawa, the themes for the camp included the Drupal Web Experience Toolkit (WET) distro and adoption of Drupal by the Government of Canada. The WET distro has been adopted by many government departments, and the camp provided a venue for people to discuss progress of and the direction of the distro.

The camp was hosted at the University of Ottawa's new Social Sciences building and had a great turnout at around 200 people, including Drupal shops, representatives from government, and others in the Drupal community.

Evolving Web sponsored the camp and presented a couple sessions:

Site Building Checklist Presentation

I presented a checklist for site builders, which includes clean-up tasks, modules to install, and checkboxes to check before launching a Drupal site. The checklist includes items on the following topics:

  • Cleaning up content types and Views
  • Following best practices for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content editing and administrative UI
  • Emails and user account settings
  • Theming
  • Multilingual items
  • Settings to change pre-launch
  • Things to test post-launch

You can take a look at the full checklist. The slides for the presentation are below:

Vagrant for Drupal

Alex Dergachev presented on how to make your development environment setup consistent and sharable using Vagrant. Vagrant is a tools that spins up a new virtual machine based on a pre-configured base image and a set of configuration files and recipes. The presentation included a demo of setting up Vagrant, downloading a base box, and using the most important vagrant commands. He also included an overview of the ruby basics needed to customize Chef recipes. You can take a look at the notes from the presentation, which lists resources for using Vagrant with Drupal.

For those in Ottawa who want to get into Drupal and are looking for more information beyond the camp, Evolving Web offers regular Drupal training sessions in Ottawa. Our upcoming courses in Ottawa are listed in the training section.