DrupalCamp NYC at the United Nations - Recap and Photos

Apr 22, 2014 · by Suzanne Dergacheva

This year's DrupalCamp NYC was held at the United Nations. The camp was crammed with useful sessions and included a lot of content about Drupal 8. Evolving Web presented a couple talks at the camp, which were captured via Google Hangouts:

Using Panels Wisely

Panels is a popular module for creating landing pages, managing layouts, and developing dynamic pages through the user interface. Panels provides a lot of options for site builders, and you can use Panels in many ways throughout your website (Panels pages, Panelizer, Panels nodes, and mini-panels). This session provides a guide through different ways that Panels can be used, as well as some advice for using Panels in a sustainable way.

Test-Driven Drupal Upgrade with Docker

Alex presented at the DevOps summit about upgrading your Drupal website in a systematic way, setting up the environment with Docker and writing tests to ensure that nothing was missed in the upgrade process.

You can find the keynote presentations and other sessions from the summits and the camp on the DrupalCamp NYC YouTube channel.

Curious about what a DrupalCamp at the UN looks like? Checkout our photos from the camp on Google+.