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Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit Webinar on December 3rd

Nov 15, 2013 · by Alex Dergachev

On December 3rd, we're hosting a free webinar about the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit distribution. Distributions of Drupal are versions of Drupal that come with a bunch of extra configuration and modules already in place. In the case of the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit, this is a version of Drupal that is bilingual by default, it comes with a responsive theme that implements the Government of Canada look and feel, and it has lots of extra tools for content authoring and publishing workflow.

This webinar is designed for anyone who wants to get an overview of the components of the WxT-Drupal distribution of Drupal and what it will give you out-of-the-box. The webinar will address the following questions:

  • What benefits/features does the WxT-Drupal distribution provide?
  • What type of content management and publishing tools are built-in?
  • What kind of resources do I need to set up a website using WxT-Drupal?
  • What are the next steps for implementing a website using this distribution?

We're also doing a more in-depth training on the Drupal - Web Experience Toolkit distribution January 16-17th in Ottawa. This will cover step-by-step how to customize the distribution for your organization. It includes hands-on activities which will teach participants how to add content types, change the publishing workflow, configure layouts for different pages, create landing pages, and add translations.

Caution: promotion for the Evolving Web training program ahead.

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