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Drupal Project Management Training at DrupalCon New Orleans

Evolving Web is heading down to DrupalCon New Orleans this May. This will be the first North American DrupalCon since Drupal 8 was released, so excitement will be in the air.

With Drupal 8's release, lots of new Drupal projects are being planned. As part of DrupalCon, we'll be leading a Drupal Project Management Training on May 9th.

Drupal projects tend to have their own list of challenges, and the purpose of this training is to help people who are new to Drupal understand these challenges and manage Drupal projects better. Whether you're a developer being tasked with managing a Drupal project or a project manager working with Drupal for the first time, we'll give you lots of insight into the project management process with respect to Drupal.

Some of the topics we'll be covering will include:

  • The basics of Drupal terminology, so you can communicate with developers
  • How to assess contributed modules and themes
  • Questions to ask your development team before the project starts
  • How to divide up the work: themes, modules, and configuration
  • Working with contributed modules
  • How to tell when a project is getting too complex
  • How a content migration process works
  • What's entailed in maintaining a Drupal website

The course will be based on our experience with Drupal 7 and 8, and you'll get a chance to play with Drupal 8 on your own machine. We'll have a discussion about the difference between two versions, and lead a discussion on how to tell when Drupal 8 is ready for your next project.

My co-founder Alex Dergachev and I will be leading the training. We both have 9 years experience leading a web development company, and over 7 years specializing in Drupal. We'll make sure there are lots of real world examples from projects in different industries to enhance your understanding.

If you or someone you know might benefit from this and are going to Drupalcon New Orleans, please consider signing up for the Drupal for Project Managers training session we're offering. For more trainings, see our list of upcoming courses or contact us to request a custom training.