Drupal Highlight: Biblio Module

In the last month and half, I have been rapidly brought up to date on Drupal. While it has been challenging, I have definitely come to appreciate the flexibility and extensibility Drupal has to offer. I have spent a lot of time testing out modules for prospective and current clients. Most of these modules have been quite effective at implementing features, and one in particular really has me hooked: the biblio module, available at

The biblio module, aka "Drupal Scholar", allows a user to easily set up a feature-rich bibliography section on a website.

Currently, we are exploring the feasibility of replacing a development site's custom-made bibliography system with the Drupal module. The module allows for easy import from several formats (including BibTeX and EndNote XML) and extensive Views integration. It is not yet perfect, but it is progressing rapidly due to a strong testing community and a very dedicated developer. I look forward to following the progress of this module.