Drupal 8 Training in Ottawa this September

Aug 4, 2016 · by Suzanne Dergacheva

Are you thinking of using Drupal for your next web development project? Evolving Web is excited to be offering a full week of Drupal 8 training at the Code Factory in downtown Ottawa the week of September 12th.

This is the first week-long Drupal 8 training we're offering in Ottawa, and we're especially excited about the new theming and module development curricula we have on offer. We're also excited to be using the Code Factory's brand new training room at their co-working space at Gloucester and Bank.

Along with re-writing our training materials for Drupal 8, we've also re-structured our 5-day training curriculum. The site building part of the course has some added materials for building landing pages with Paragraphs, and also has more 'choose-your-own-adventure' style exercises, allowing particpants to work on mini-projects that are relevent to them. The 5-day training includes two full days for theming, which gives us time to cover the Twig templating system, working with a grid systems, and techniques for adding CSS and Javascript.

The 5-day course is divided into 3 parts, so you can register for each part separatly or for all five days:

We've recently had some training clients take advantage of the "Canada-Ontario Job Grant", which provides funding for Ontario-based businesses who are paying for training for their employees. This program can cover 2/3 of training expenses. You can find out more at http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/eopg/cojg.

Contact us for more information about any of our training programs or if you need more information about how to register. And as a bonus for reading to the end of this blog post, use the coupon code DRUPAL8 to get a 15% discount on all the trainings.