Open Atrium

Buzz On: Open Atrium

Since I started working at Evolving Web, it seems like every other client I talk to wants a collaborative project management tool. So, all of us in the office were really excited to see what Development Seed's been up to with Open Atrium.

Though, it looks like we weren't the only developers in Montreal excited by Open Atrium. At last night's Montreal Drupal meet-up, Koumbit opened with a mini-demo, which drew forth a lot of interest in Development Seed's modules.

Open Atrium uses Development Seed's Features, Context, and Spaces modules to shape where content goes in a sophisticated manner. My favorite example of this is Spaces.

Spaces enables features in distinct areas of Open Atrium. For example, if you are working within a group, the calendar displays events within the group, but if you are looking at your profile you see a calendar displaying every event that's pertinent to you. I can't wait to see how this project is extended in the future.