Muhammad Inam

Senior Developer

Muhammad constructs back‑end infrastructure that can support high‑performance, adaptable and scalable websites.

Photo of Muhammad

Muhammad is experienced at developing websites of every size, including large, high‑traffic ones. He describes himself as disciplined, process-driven, quality-oriented and a strong believer in planning products that can be easily maintained. “A lot of projects out there take shortcuts,” he says. “That’s fine if they have a short lifespan. But if they’re intended to last for more than a few years then they wind up needing huge extra investments to fix bugs, scale up or reduce the technical debt they’ve accumulated from not having been built well in the first place.”

Muhammad is a certified Acquia Grand Master, he worked for Acquia as a technical architect for 2 years.

With diverse interests and a background in mathematics, Muhammad loves to take courses and explore new technologies such as blockchains and machine learning.

Key skills include:

  • Back-end development
  • Drupal development
  • Performance optimization
  • Scaling web applications

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