Cleaver Barnes

Senior Developer

Cleaver brings his extensive web development experience to projects both large and small.

Photo of Cleaver

Cleaver has a depth of experience in different roles in the public and private sectors.  
Beginning in the enterprise software world, Cleaver has architected and built mission-critical applications with J2EE, DB2, Oracle, and others. Frustrated with the limitations of proprietary software vendors, he turned to open source. Starting with Linux and open-source Java frameworks, he moved on to other web languages and frameworks, such as JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, Ruby, Elixir, Laravel, Vue.js, and Angular.  
At Evolving Web, Cleaver builds solutions for enterprise clients on a solid foundation of experience in enterprise architecture.  
Key skills include: 

  • Full-stack web development  
  • Architecture and data modelling  
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

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