He has managed projects for clients such as Travelocity, Linux Foundation, McGill University, and the Government of Canada. He has a strong interest in technical architecture and development best practices, such as design patterns, agile methodology, development frameworks, and the enterprise content management system space.

Alex is an active member of the Drupal community, having and presented at countless DrupalCons and camps. 

He's experienced in the following open-source web technologies:

  • CMS and web platforms: 
    • Drupal, Ruby on Rails, and Jekyll (static site generation)
    • Some nodejs and Wordpress
  • Languages: 
    • PHP, Ruby, Javascript, bash.
    • Some Python, Java
  • Deployment / Devops: 
    • Config and tuning of Ubuntu Linux, Apache, Nginx
    • Cloud virtualization, including AWS, Digital Ocean, and Proxmox VE cluster
    • Written plugins and gave presentations on using Docker, Vagrant, and Chef
    • Continuous Integration platforms, including Jenkins, Travis CI, and Circle CI
  • Enterprise search:
    • Solr and Elastic Search
  • Front-end development:
    • Comfortable with jQuery, Backbone JS, CSS
    • Authored several Chrome extensions
  • Tools
    • Git, vim, make, pandoc, ngrok

His favourite tools

To get a sense of how Alex spends his time, here's some tools he uses on a regular basis.

  • LaTeX for company proposals, converted via custom script to google docs
  • git for code and structured docs
  • dropbox for screenshots and file sharing
  • markdown (in github) and textile (in redmine)
  • markdown for blog posts and presentations
  • Vim for code and text editing


  • slack, google hangouts, skype for communication
  • Gmail
  • Antidote, Google Translate

Project management:

  • Basecamp (client communications, email tracking)
  • Google docs + google spreadsheets + google calendar
  • gist.github.com for easily sharing code or document snippets

Technical infrastructure:

  • github + gitlab for repositories management
  • Pingdom for monitoring
  • BrowserStack and Litmus for browser testing
  • CircleCI for continuous integration
  • Cloudflare for DNS, SSL, and CDN
  • Digital Ocean + docker for quick VMs
  • Proxmox / docker on OVH for our company's hosting infrastructure
  • Pfsense as router distro
  • Asterisk + voip.ms for voip, PhoneTag for voicemail transcription


  • EventBrite for training
  • Boomerang
  • LinkedIn Pro
  • Mailchimp
  • Print100 global and Staples.ca for printing
  • godaddy.com for domains
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook groups


  • Drupal for our corporate site
  • Jekyll for mini-sites like babelfrog.com
  • Chrome Extensions: uBlock, OneTab (for archiving my 150 open tabs), LastPass

Custom stuff:

  • BabelFrog - Chrome extension for running selected translation via Google Translate
  • Puppy Paste - tool to paste formatted content (eg HTML) and convert to markdown
  • drupalsun - nice UI on Drupal Planet RSS feeds
  • dropbox-screenshots: seamless embeddable screenshots uploading to Dropbox
  • dozen redmine plugins, including redmine-git-remote
  • sitediff for QA of migrations and updates
  • screengif for making animated GIFs from quicktime screen captures
  • restructuredText to LaTeX for training handbooks
  • pdf-straighten
  • md2prez.sh

OSX utilities:

  • clipmenu, alfred, caffeine, disksweeper, karabiner
  • homebrew

Command line:

  • make for documenting project-specific bash snippets
  • homebrew for OSX package management
  • pandoc for converting between markdown and textile
  • vagrant (with VirtualBox and VMWare Fusion)
  • ngrok, socat


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic
  • Omnigraffle