Dave Vasilevsky

Senior Web Developer

Dave has been working with Evolving Web (and Drupal) since 2008. He makes sure that our code is clean and polished, and that it follows Drupal standards. He also heads our system administration infrastructure, keeping all of our services and sites up and running, from issue tracking to version control.

Since joining the team, Dave has worked on projects for the Linux Foundation, Tourisme Québec and McGill University. He has also given a number of presentations at Drupal conferences and camps, to share the valuable techniques we've developed. He has made important contributions to Drupal 8 core (particularly related to content migration and i18n) and to many contrib modules.

Dave is an active open source contributor and has worked with numerous projects, including Firefox, SheepShaver, gmvault, grub2 and KDE. He is a core team member of Fink Project, where he has ported open-source software, written specification files to automate builds, and participated in decisions on project policies. Many of his contributions can be viewed at his github account: https://github.com/vasi.

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